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Child custody decisions are never easy.

But, we can help you position yourself and your child(ren) for the happiest and healthiest possible outcomes.

Parenting plans are based on historical actions, to represent what has been happening in the past and mirror consistency for the children. We're here to help you with state qualifications and years of legal and personal experience to help you work out what is in everyone's best interest, especially the child(ren).

If children are involved, all divorce proceedings require the counsel of a family law mediator to attempt to settle by agreement. If no agreement can be made and a judge or family law commissioner is required to decide a case, we want you to be well prepared with the right documentation, a reasonable expectation of how they will likely decide based on what the court will consider to be fair and in the child(ren)'s best interest. All considerations are made based on declaration with no witness testimony. Meaning that our careful discovery in your case is an important process. There may be restrictive factors that compromise their health or safety and other adequate cause to determine an unequal proportion of child custody, we want you to be well aware.

What if my parenting plan needs changed?

It's a great idea to talk to an attorney who is well versed in the thresholds of changing child custody plans. There is a higher threshold required for changes to a parenting plan than most parents often assume, and the burden for adequate cause is high. There is a minimum 21 day period in place as a safeguard so parents can't go to court every time they disagree.

Getting an attorney to determine whether there is adequate cause is important.

Do you need legal counsel for your upcoming or existing parenting plan? We're here to help.

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